Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Ceragem V3 comes home!

Yes, I welcomed a Ceragem V3 into my home on Saturday - well, sometimes you have to put your money where your mouth is, don't you?  but it's a secret, right? so don't tell anyone else!

Well, this box was well packed, so that was a good start.  Geoff had lots of fun wielding his screwdriver, boys and their toys etc.

Geoff's head was probably somewhat larger when he left than when he arrived, essentially due to the fact that my bedroom is a loft conversion, with a sloping roof, and Geoff is tall, which meant that his head made contact several times with the beams. Ouch!

However, he soldiered on bravely, and within half an hour the bed was connected to the power supply:)

Yes, it blocks a couple of cupboard doors, but once I've fitted castors to the leg bases, that problem will be solved.  I did consider buying the Reflax model as it's so compact, but decided that the V3, although a thousand pounds more expensive, was the better option for me. It's a stool to sit on when it's folded up, and easily pulls out to form the full size massage bed.

So there it is, Ceragem V3, in its new home ... it looks happy, I think, and my smile was huge:)

Geoff was glad to leave for home and his lunch!

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  1. I'm looking forwards to trying out the new style when we visit you! :)


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