Tuesday, 16 March 2010

where does the time go?

Where does the time go?  Who steals it away in the night, never to replace it?

I'm approaching the end of my three years as a mature student at UCLAN in Preston.  I am so very glad that I took my courage in both hands, phoned them up and attended two interviews to persuade the two heads of department that, at my advanced age, I was capable of returning to a learning situation.

Once my place was confirmed, I tendered my resignation from the post of Bursar in a school where I'd worked for nearly sixteen years.  I began working there on my daughter's ninth birthday.  The hours were perfect, not starting 'til nine thirty, which meant I could still drive her to school, and finishing at quarter past three, giving me a quarter of an hour to drive across to collect her from school at three thirty.  Only two days a week initially, but soon increasing to three days a week as the dreaded computerised system entered the education office!

So, another era comes to an end.  I've enjoyed telling people that I'm an undergraduate student when they've asked what I did - some people find it hard to believe that anybody would want to take early retirement to return to school!!

If you're thinking of doing it yourself - go for it - it's great fun.

I've always loved reading books of all sorts, but especially fantasy and long, involved series of books.  Now I have learned to read in a manner I hated whilst at school - trying to read between the words that are printed on the page, reading what is NOT written, as well as what is.

Working through this degree course has enriched my life, and given me a great deal of satisfaction. 

Had I not been attending my seminars, I would probably never have gathered the courage to send off a couple of stories to the local newspaper for publication.  Then I would never have experienced that unimaginable emotion that floods through when the message comes through that a story has been accepted - and then the other one as well.

Yes - it's enriched my life, and I shall miss it.  But hey, I've an exam to pass yet, and results to wait for, then the Graduation ceremony in July.  It's not over yet, so I'll enjoy it for a little longer :-)


  1. Good for you.

    I'm humming and harr-ing over starting a degree with OU.

    But I'm scared for some reason. So I'll be looking to you for inspiration ( :

  2. Oh, Sarah, don't be scared! You'll learn so much about whatever it is you're interested in, and talk about it with other people who are as interested as you are:)

    Go for it - what have you got to lose? You've years of pleasure to gain:-)

  3. Yes, go for it Sarah, you truly won't regret it, and if in those first months/years you feel like giving it all up "cos I can't do this" just keep at it as it'll all come good in the end - I finally got my arse in gear and started The Degree in my 30s... MA early 40s... PhD!!!!!!

    And anyway Christine, don't forget there's the MA waiting for you so you don't escape us that easily, he he he...!




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