Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter musings

Happy Easter:-)

The sun is shining brightly, and I am ignoring the dark clouds which are hovering around our oasis of spring-time weather.  Yesterday afternoon was so glorious I even got a washload of towels dry on the line!

I hope you enjoy your day, however you choose to spend it.

I was pondering how strange time is, yet again - I suspect that this happens more the older one gets - am I right?

My dissertation is due within the next couple of weeks, and it's still not quite finished.  This is incrediblly inept of me, as I began writing the three short stories in the summer break last year - they 'ought' to be ready by now.  However, I prefer to hone and polish until I'm relatively happy with my stories, after all, I set out to gain a first, and handing in work that I'm not happy with is unlikely to earn me one, is it?

So that got me wondering ... how on earth do 'real' writers ever make any money?  My stories are short, a mere 2500 words each, and it's taken me a year to write three of them.  I've no idea how long it would take me to complete a full-length novel, but presumably several years, assuming it's a novel that I would be proud of, that is.

So ... by the time I'm collecting my old-age pension at 64 maybe, just maybe, I'll have written one.  But then again, maybe not, as I'm hoping to do a PhD once I've graduated in a few short months, if I manage to attain my dream of a first.

No first - no PhD as UCLAN's bursary is only available to students who achieve a first, and I'm not sure I can justify the cost of further study when it's 'just for fun'!!!  So - fingers crossed for me - a good dissertation, an excellent essay and a reasonable exam result.  I don't ask for much:-)

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  1. It took me 2 years to write my (very nearly finished now!) novel, and that was with a few months off in the middle.

    If you get a good enough pay cheque for each one, I suppose you can make a living ;)

    PS Happy Easter! XXX


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