Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Apples everywere!!

Well, ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but for my small garden, I have harvested many pounds of organic apples.

It's a perennial problem, isn't it, what to do with them all?  I was impressed that a couple of schools have joined together in an attempt to avoid the inevitable waste of fruit, by encouraging parents, neighbours etc to donate their unwanted apples to the schools, who will press the fruit to produce fresh juice for the children.  A great idea - I hope lots of people take them up on it.

One of my favourite ways of using my apples is stuffing them and baking them.  You'll need an apple per person and a jar of mincemeat for the simple version.

Wash the apples well, I use a soft vegetable brush to ensure they're really clean.  Take out the cores; I use an apple corer - you can see how neatly it does it above.  Take a sharp knife and score around the centre of each apple - this enables the apples to rise and avoids the mess of exploding apples!

Arrange the apples in an ovenproof baking dish, and fill each cavity with mincemeat.

Bake the apples in a moderate oven until they have softened, this will take about half an hour or so, depending on your oven and the size of the apples.  Can you see how the skins have parted where I scored them, allowing the apples to sort of souffle up?  The apples will produce a little sauce as they give up some juice which mixes with the mincemeat.  Delicious:-)

If you don't have mincemeat in the cupboard, you can stuff them with any dried fruit to hand.  If you have a really sweet tooth, you might feel the need to drizzle a little maple syrup into the cavity, or some unrefined sugar.  You could also add some chopped nuts for a little "bite". 

I serve mine naked, or simply with a dollop of yoghurt, David enjoys his with custard.  You might like your with ice cream - but whatever topping you choose, I hope you enjoy them.

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