Monday, 4 April 2011

Mother's Day made me think

I drove for an hour and a half across the Pennines to visit my mum to say happy Mother's Day yesterday, as you do, and spent a happy few hours there before returning home again.  I'd made her an embossed card, decorated with some hand made paper with flowers and leaves in it.

I received a lovely hand made card from my daughter, who lives "down South".  She has carefully cut out the letters to spell "MUM", and it looks really neat:)

It got me thinking ... well, something has to, doesn't it?

When we're young, we call our mothers "Mummy", or "Mommy" in the US.  I called my mother Mummy, and my daughter called me Mummy.

What occurred to me was this - at some point "Mummy" or "Mommy" becomes "My Mum" or "My Mom".   But it's the same five letters, isn't it?  I thought that was quite sweet, really, and I'm amazed that I haven't noticed it until today!

I hope, if you're a mother, that you enjoyed a happy day:)

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