Saturday, 29 October 2011

Callous youth

As we were walking to the shop a couple of days ago, we passed an elderly car at the side of the road, with the door open, which was what caught our attention, and then we noticed glass on the pavement.

We assumed that someone had broken into the car to steal something from the inside.  Since it was parked outside some houses, we assumed that it would have been noticed, and was being dealt with.

We walked  on.  Ahead of us a couple of young men were wheeling a motor bike into the garden of a house across the road.  A few yards further along we came to a road junction, and were approached by an old lady who asked if we had a mobile phone.  She had just been in a motor accident and wanted to phone the police.

It was her car we had just passed, and the motor bike we watched being wheeled into a garden was the one that had overtaken her and smashed into the side of her car, shattering the windows and denting the door.  The young driver told her that he wasn't hurt, so there was nothing more to do, and walked off!

I dialled 999 and explained what had happened.  As we waited, the young men walked past us who had parked up their motor bike.  A police car was soon on the scene.  Since we hadn't witnessed the accident we left once the policeman was talking to the poor lady, after pointing out the house where we'd seen the bike being left.

It's hard to believe that those youths could be so callous as to simply walk away from an old lady, who was clearly somewhat shaken by her ordeal at their hands.  Thankfully the police arrived promptly, and would be able to track them down with the registration number of the bike.  I hope they are suitably punished for their terrible attitude.

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