Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's day card

There's still time to make a Valentine's Day card if you've forgotten, or not had chance to make or buy one yet!

I made this one with a sheet of A4 white card, trimmed to a 5" square and an A5 piece of red paper.  I used an embossing board to create the red hearts, and a small heart punch to give me some hearts for decoration, but it would look equally good without them.

Rub your red paper with a tumble drier sheet, or a candle to make the embossing easier, then place it over your chosen embossing design and carefully emboss with a round ended tool.

remove it from the board and turn it over, this is the side that will show on your card.

carefully trim around the design - I use small scissors, but I have a friend who always uses large ones, and another who uses a craft knife - use whichever tool you feel most comfortable with!

Stick the embossed hearts to the front of your card.  I added a couple of phrases printed out from the computer "My Love" and "My Heart", and then wrote "4 U" with a broad felt tip in red.

I trimmed a quarter of an inch from the front of the card, then stuck five red punched hearts down the right hand side of the back of the card.

The finished card.  When it's closed you see only the scalloped edges of the punched hearts, which match the scallops around the embossed hearts, but you could skip this step entirely to save time.

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