Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Olympic Torch arrives in Preston

Today the Olympic Torch travelled through Preston, and I was lucky enough to be right where two torches "kissed" - apparently the technical term for the touching of the "old" torch to the "new" torch for the next leg of its journey.

The old torch is carried along 

to where the new runner awaits

The torches "kiss" 

Briefly, two torches burn, before the first is extinguished and the new bearer begins his leg of the journey

I normally visit the Ceragem centre in Preston to lie down for a wonderful deep massage on the automatic beds at 0830, 

but as the torch was due to pass by the building at about that time, it was arranged that we would have our session an hour earlier - yes, that meant getting up at 0600 on a Saturday morning!!!!!  But I did it:)

The centre staff were in a party mood, providing tea, toast and juice for their lucky patrons.

Ceragem t shirts were provided for us all to enter into the spirit of the morning - thanks Geoff and Julie:)

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  1. how cool that you were able to witness such a historic event! lucky you!


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