Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Come and meet my tomato family

I love to grow tomatoes - I guess it's like a hobby.  Some people fill their greenhouses with delicate flowers, but I like to eat what I've grown, so my greenhouse is full of edible plants.

 The view from the door - but allow me to show you the tomatoes - each of these is different in some small detail, whether it's shape (and some shape variations are easy to miss), matt or glossy, or simply size.

egg shaped quite matt, med size

tradition matt plum

very pointed, peaked at base

oval with fatter base, med size yellow

samll yellow quite even width

fat oval matt

very tapering and long

fat oval, peak at base

traditional plum shape, but only an inch long

dark green top, red base blending into each other

similar to above, but cute little nipples at the base:)

unusual sort of octagonal lantern shape

cherry stripy green/red

large cherry red matt

med large matt globes

heritage variety "yellow stuffer"

med yellow cherry


I don't know the names of most of the varieties as I simply save and dry seeds from tomatoes I've enjoyed, then sow them the following spring - free food!  Well, actually, of course, it's not free, because there are 27 grow bags in the greenhouse this year, but, as I said, it's a hobby:)

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