Monday, 21 September 2015

Delicious Gourmet Vegan Meal at Lucky Leek in Berlin

My daughter treated me to a wonderful 3 course dinner at "Lucky Leek" in Berlin for my birthday. We opted to have the optional "wine flight" with it, so a glass of wine chosen to accompany each course was served to us. This is the menu:


First to arrive was a slate plate with tiny Amuse Gueules, a morsel each of two savouries. A tiny loaf had been baked, sliced thinly and topped with a cheesy mix and home made chorizo, the second mouthful was, we were informed, like a mini quiche - I can't remember what a quiche tastes like, but this was light and delicious.

The soup was a beautiful golden orange colour, and suspended over it was the apple on a skewer. The sweetness of the sweet potato was highlighted by a slight kick of chilli, and a swirl of coconut foam. The apple chunk was coated in nuts, and complemented the soup beautifully.

 The wine chosen to accompany the soup was a rose, which I enjoyed, it had a slight sweetness, but I can't remember the name of it, I'm afraid!

The main course was pasta bon bons, like ravioli filled with a pea puree. The filling was quite substantial and a lovely green. The vegan feta roll was tasty and went well. There were two colours of pepper sauce in the bowl, which were very smooth and light in texture. Some lightly cooked pak choi accompanied the pasta. Laid over the top were ribbons of raw purple carrot. There was a chunk of raw peach, with some berries on one side, but neither of us could really see the benefit of them, they didn't enhance the flavour of the main ingredients, and we thought they were a step too far.

The white wine served with the main course was quite dry, and Rachel enjoyed this more than the rose, whereas I preferred the rose!

The Piece de Resistance was the dessert, which was to swoon over - just feast your eyes on this!

On the left was a square of chocolate layer cake - so light and fluffy, nobody eating it would guess it was vegan. A peach sorbet and peach ragout were next on the plate, then an elderflower ice cream, so creamy. A really splendid ending to a wonderful birthday meal. And the port served with it was rich and warming, and we both enjoyed it very much.

The evening was so mild that we sat outside to enjoy our repast. If I return to Berlin, I will certainly eat there again:)

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