Monday, 29 June 2009

Jamie Oliver (The Naked Chef) and Sainsbury's Feed the Family for a Fiver Advert. Woman's role as cook

I was about to go to bed when the latest advert which Jamie is doing for the supermarket caught my attention. I've enjoyed watching Jamie since his Naked Chef days, he always seems quite natural - a refreshing change.

He still seems pretty much the same, genuine, caring, passionate about good food for all, that sort of thing. I'm all for it. I think it's great to show people who don't know how already, to feed their families for a reasonable amount.

However - why is the team of attractive "cooks" doing all the sticky mixing, shaping, then grilling on the bbqs all women? What message is this portraying to the watching populace? Jamie=head honcho: women=labourers.

Nothing has really changed, has it? His little team labours on around him, cheerfully toiling, smiling, feeding the masses. Why isn't the supermarket confident enough to have some males feeding their families? Why no teenagers learning how to prepare decent food ready for when they either go to uni, or leave home for their first flat? Wouldn't that make it all more relevant?

In the C21, it isn't only women who cook at home.

Come on Sainsbury, be inclusive, not exclusive, on this front. Take up the challenge - have some men there, getting their hands sticky before manning the bbq.


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