Wednesday, 17 June 2009



Unofficial, of course, as results day isn't until the 26th. However ..... having arranged to collect my marked work, I trailed into town, climbed four flights of stairs to my tutor's office, only to find that he'd e-mailed me ten minutes earlier to say "Don't come down, your portfolio's not here, sorry!". Since I'd been on my way at the time, I didn't receive it, obviously. It transpires that all firsts are sent away for external moderation, along with all fails, and a sample few of the middles. He said I hadn't failed, and wasn't a middle of the roader, therefore I'd got a first, unless the moderator took against me, which wasn't likely. The only first in the cohort!!!!! So I left with my head barely fitting through the door, another first - yippee!!

I spoke to another tutor later, who told me I'd got a first in her subject too, subject, as before, to moderation. So, unless three moderators take against me, that's a one hundred percent achievement in the firsts department this semester. I'm on track, and just hope nothing goes wrong in my next, final year.

If you see a body reading Jud the Obscure, sticking post-it notes in the pages, and scribbling on them, that's probably me, reading ahead for next January - that's what you call dedication, folks! Or insanity, as one of my friends kindly said!

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