Tuesday, 21 July 2009

electricity, gas, money saving

Talking of electricity reminds me to mention that I've finally taken notice of the money saving e-mails that I subscribe to, and have taken action to save myself some money on my gas and electricity charges.

I currently have dual fuel supplied by Atlantic, and pay quarterly by direct debit. As with everyone else in the UK, my bills have risen due to the increase in the price of oil.

I took out my bills for the last year, totted them up and decided now was the time to seek a way to save some money. I'd swapped to Atlantic about 3 years ago for the same reason, and saved some then.

I used a couple of comparison sites, and found that if I switched to Eon for the dual fuel, and paid monthly direct debits, I could save, on their guesstimate, based on the yearly amounts I'd paid to Atlantic, about £140+ per annum!!!

Presumably they are very confident about this, as the direct debits they will be taking will result in me paying considerably less over the year than I paid last year. Fingers crossed their calculations are correct!

I've also, just this last week, had cavity wall insulation installed. The whole process took about two hours, for the drilling and pumping, and wasn't nearly as noisy as I had feared it would be. The boys who did it were very polite, and cleaned up after themselves pretty well. They even used my hosepipe to wash down all the windows and window sills where the brick dust had settled! The whole bungalow was done for £149, which I consider to be a bargain. That should help cut down the bills too : )


  1. Saving money is always a good thing! I just wanted to stop by and say "hello" after reading your contributions to Pictures, Poetry & Prose. I truly enjoy reading your writing. You have a wonderful "voice" to share with your readers :)

  2. Oh, thank you, that's really very kind of you. I recognise your name, and have also enjoyed reading your prose. It's a great site to participate in :-)
    Thanks for stopping by!


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