Sunday, 19 July 2009

"The Proposal", Sandra Bullock, humerous, sentimental

The impossible happened - I managed to get two free tickets to the preview of The Proposal, rated 12A, starring Sandra Bullock this morning:-)

I attended this preview along with a full cinema of equally keen viewers. Despite the inevitable rustle of packets and bags, and the horribly noisy slurping of drinks, the film was very enjoyable.
Scenes of a track through beautiful woods intercut with pedalling feet was ironically revealed as nothing more than a video to make sitting on an exercise bike less boring. The shot then panned up to Sandra Bullock reading a manuscript propped open on the handlebars of her exercise bike. This demonstrated the powerful work ethic of our heroine from the outset.

The film's premise was worked through effectively, with touching performances from key actors. I saw a few tissues applied to eyes at sentimental moments. Although in a similar vein to Green Card, I found this to be the superior movie of the two, and would heartily recommend it to my friends.

The cinema remained relatively quiet throughout the film, apart from spontaneous laughter at appropriate times. Clearly the rest of the audience enjoyed the film as much as I did.

Only one young girl's mobile phone disturbed the rapt attention of the audience, but, really, why don't people turn them off? Do we truly live in a society where we cannot be severed from contact with any of our friends and family for the duration of a couple of hours or less? Do we consider ourselves so vital to the smooth running of other people's lives that we must remain in potential contact with them?

Or is it that we are so insecure that we fear our friends may never try to contact us again if we don't answer them immediately? Come on, folks, really? Do you honestly believe yourself to be either a) so vital that you must be available 24/7 or b) so insignificant that your friends will forget you if you're not instantly available?

No, thought not. Why not try switching to the silent mode if you can't bear to switch off? That way you won't disturb the whole cinema if someone actually contacts you, but the small glow of your activated screen will let you know you're loved? Just something to ponder.

Trouble is, I'm talking to the converted here: I'm sure none of you would dream of spoiling things for others, but I had to get it off my chest. . . . sorry:-)

Anyway, go see the film; it's amusing and touching. It praises family love and respect. It mocks the marriage of convenience system in the US to avoid deportation. It turns traditional male/female roles on their heads, and confirms that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I enjoyed it.

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