Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bad things come in threes

I am not superstitious.  I walk under ladders, I consider 13 to be just an ordinary number, I don't panic if I smash a mirror.

My breakfast is usually a fresh fruit smoothie.  I invested in a Bamix blender, which cost £160, but it's got a ten year guarantee, and it's been brilliant at making my breakfasts, I'd recommend them to anyone who needs powerful blending, and wants to save washing up!

I'd washed my pear and apple, and peeled my kiwi fruit.  I chunked them and put them in my pint glass, along with a tablespoon of linseeds, 3 cubes of crystalised ginger, 2 brazil nuts and a splash of soya milk.

I put the Bamix into the glass, switched it on, and a milky mess sprayed the hand over the glass - I hadn't actually submerged the blender head.  How stupid of me.  Never mind, I licked my fingers (it's ok, they were clean), submerged the head and started again.

I heard the click of the kettle, so reached across to pour the water on to my coffee grounds.  Big mistake.  I knocked over the glass and spilled about half of my smoothie across the kitchen worktop.  Blast.

"I think I'm going back to bed.!" I said to my partner.
"Why's that?"
"They say things go in threes, I've had two mishaps already, the third might be worse."
"You don't believe that."
"True, but you never know."

Breakfast continued without a hitch.  I went to work on the pc, then noticed the sun was suddenly shining, so decided to put the washing machine on.

As I was pouring in the washing liquid (vegan, of course) my partner asked me to go upstairs and give him a hand with something in the loft conversion for half an hour.  I closed the machine door and left the kitchen.

About three quarters of an hour later, we'd finished upstairs and I went to make us a well deserved cuppa.  I hadn't planned on paddling that morning, but that's what I had to do - a lake flooded the kitchen floor!

I waded over to the washing machine to see water pouring out of it.  Somehow I hadn't used sufficient power to actually close the door, but there must be a fault in the machine and it had begun the wash cycle despite the door being ajar!!!

So there we are.  I'm not superstitious, things don't really happen in threes - or do they?  What do you think?

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  1. I'm so sorry you had a bad morning! I've gone back in forth with the whole superstition thing, to be honest with you. I'd like to think I'm an adult and far too mature for such things, but then I have a morning like the one you've just had, and I begin to wonder all over again!

    Hope the rest of the day is great!! Glad I found you, I really like your writing style!


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