Thursday, 17 June 2010

food for free - butternut squash

As you know, we Yorkshire folk like 'owt for nowt' (something for nothing for those of you who don't speak the dialect!).

I've told you how to get yourself some free potatoes, and this time I'm going to show you how to get yourself some free butternut squashes.  These lovely gourds are fantastic roasted in the oven, or over a barbeque, or made into a delicious soup, or included in a casserole.

Earlier this year I bought a butternut squash, and saved the seeds from the centre.  I dried them on the windowsill, then sowed them about an inch deep in some organic compost.

About two weeks later I had seedlings, and a couple of weeks ago I transplanted them into one of the vegetable beds.  Two of them I have planted directly into the bed, but the remaining three I have potted up into old teracotta pottery "things". 

The reason for this is to try to save them from slugs for a little while, until they have time to build up some strength, and also to add a little variety to the garden.  Whether it's a good idea only time will tell.

Already there are signs of flower buds beginning to form, so, fingers crossed, I will have my free butternut squashes later in the year:-)

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