Wednesday, 9 June 2010

things DO come in threes!!

Do you remember our brief foray into "things coming in threes" on the day of my final exam?  Yes?  Good, because here is further proof!

I told you that my poor neighbour had her purse stolen one day last week, closely followed by a brick being thrown through the window a couple of days later.  Then it was our turn - we went to the car to set off to town only to find that some good for nothing hoodlum mis-guided person had obviously confused our car for their own and had lost their key.

Clearly, though, this wasn't going stop them, and they resorted to using brute force (along with their ignorance) to try to open the driver's door.  Having yanked the handle out of its frame, they abandoned the endeavour - maybe the security light came on and disturbed them, we'll never know, but they don't appear to have actually entered the car.

So, there we are, three things in about a week at our end of the road. 

I jokingly said to the police officer to whom I reported it that I thought it was time to move, but he very seriously assured me that this road is a 'very nice area to live in', so I guess I'll stay:-)


  1. Don't tempt fate, I just a did a "it comes in threes" post, and then got clonked with a number four.

    I'm sorry about your car, it is bad enough when people do rotten things without it costing money as well to put things right.

  2. Hi Sarah:-)

    I didn't want to mention this, but the car was also run into whilst parked in a car park - the insurers are dealing with it now, but that's not part of the run of three, as it wasn't here, on the road.

    Maybe the car is having its own run of three, and the third has yet to come, let's not go there!!!!!!!!!

  3. OK, so the third has happened and now we can get to the good times--right?

    Sorry to hear about your car. That's just rotten!!


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