Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

I had thought of travelling across country to see my parents for Christmas lunch, but the inclement weather has called a halt to that notion.  I'll speak to them on the phone instead.  Fortunately I took their presents over last month - I must have known it was going to snow!!  Or been super organised?  ... Yes, you're right, I time-travelled ahead to see what the weather was going to be like, saw the snow and wrapped the pressies up quickly - well done you:-)

So, the snow is still with us, and we're getting used to it.  I'm lucky, I bought a house within walking distance of most things I need.  I can even walk in to the city centre in an hour if I need to.  I sympathise with those in isolated villages who are cut off.  I have to admit that when I lived in a village, I had a very large freezer, and plenty of tinned and packet standby basics!!

We went to the Christingle service this evening, which made a pleasant change.  All the congregation was given a Christingle, not just the children.  We carried ours home through the cold, and the candle burnt steadily all the way , even though we didn't protect it at all.  I wonder how many others did the same.

Whatever you do this festive season, I hope that you enjoy it and give some pleasure to others.  Best wishes for a happy and peaceful 2011.


  1. Our snow has all melted now - are you still frozen in?

  2. I haven't been to a Christingle service since I was actually in one back in the 80s! I remember all the kids and me preparing our oranges and then walking precariously down the aisle being watched by proud parents...


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