Sunday, 12 December 2010

Why don't I feel "Christmassy"?

I enjoy Christmas.  Really, I do!  When my daughter was at home we decorated the house on the 1st of December, and she was in charge of all the cards that subsequently arrived, either decorating the bannisters, or the hessian hangers we made to display them on.

When I worked at school I also decorated the house, and wore Christmassy ear-rings and a brooch, and even glittery nail varnish.  Nowadays, though, I don't seem to have enough enthusiasm for it.

I strongly suspect that I've answered my own question.  I'm no longer surrounded by children, and without them, the magic just isn't there any more.

I've written my cards, store bought for most folk, but hand-made for the special friends and family.  I've wrapped presents.  I've even delivered some of them, and received some in return.  I've attended a Christmas Fair and listened to a French horn ensemble play carols, but it hasn't done the trick.

Maybe tomorrow will make it seem nearer; I have two Christmas parties in one day, wouldn't you know it?  And, by some strange coincidence, both are book group events.  At one we will be discussing The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper.  If you haven't read this series of books, I heartily recommend it to you.  Although this is the book we're reading as a group, I've read the whole set of five, such was my enthusiasm.

Enjoy your Christmas preparations:-)

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  1. Bummer on the lack of Christmas spirit. I don't have children so it never came to mind that could be a problem. I guess I am just a big kid at heart. I hope the parties put you a more festive mood.



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