Thursday, 5 May 2011

Eat vegan in London

We've just returned from London, where we spent three days exhausting ourselves ambling around taking in the sights, smells and sounds of our busy capital city.

Wherever I go, food is never far from my mind!  Sad?  I don't think so - we all need to eat, so I reckon it might as well be a pleasure:)  So, as we walked, we looked out for placed to eat.

I'd downloaded the names and addresses of a few Indian veggie restaurants before we left home, but that didn't stop us looking out for other places too!

This one was on my list, and we ate there one evening.  I've never seen dosas as large as those that appeared on the table adjacent to us - they must have been three feet in diameter - they were wider than the tables!!!!  They looked delicious, and I enjoyed watching crisp, golden sections being broken off and dipped in the accompanying sauce.

Our food was slightly less exotic!  We started with a Potato Bonda and an onion Bhajia.  The potato balls were soft inside, and crispy on the outside, with just enough chilli.  The bhajia was less oniony than the traditional northern Indian food we usually eat, but still tasty.  We then shared a Brinjal Bhajee and a Suki Bhajee, which were both tasty.  The single portion of boiled rice defeated both of us, and about a quarter of it we had to leave untouched!

It cost around £20 for the pair of us, which for a central London venue I consider good value.  Sadly, I'd forgotten that we'd gone in with the intention of trying the pre-theatre dinner at £5.95 a head, so it should have been more of a bargain!!!!

I couldn't resist filling a take away box at the Buffet Take Out, on New Oxford Street.  David doesn't eat Thai or Chinese, but I enjoy them, so to see a VEGAN Thai/Chinese buffet just made my day! 

Here's the view through the window.

I could choose virtually anything, as long as I avoided noodles, so I did:)  For £3.50 I tasted heaven in a box.  So many ways of preparing tofu, and delicious salads, too.  I'd love to visit there to eat in some day.

Where did you find your best meal on holiday?

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