Wednesday, 11 May 2011

World Premiers of "The Cycle Symphony"

It's not often we ordinary mortals get to be present at a "World Premiere", is it?  And, if I'm honest, I didn't know that I was present at one until after it was finished.  Well, that's life, isn't it?  And, since I enjoyed it, without knowing how priveleged I was, that's all to the good:)

It happened that David and I were walking through Old SPitalfields Market, on the 2nd May in the afternoon.  We heard strains of music, and shortly appeared before a stage on which assorted instruments were being played proficiently by a group of musicians, some of whom were wearing helmets on their heads.

Initially, I wondered if , perhaps, they were prone to epileptic fits, and needed them for protection in case they had a seizure.  A more careful appraisal showed that they were, in fact, cycling helmets.  Several cycles were evident near the staging.

One of the green jacketed members of the seated ensemble stood and waved his arms.  I jumped as a cacaphony of bells pealed out!  Several of the audience had been provided with cycle bells, or whistles to accompany the music when conducted by this Jack-in-the-box.  Very effective it was too!

A television screen near the stage played a continuous loop of footage, but I couldn't really see much apart from a white van travelling along, but clearly this was integral to the performance.

If you see Amelia Robinson's work is to be produced near where you are, I urge you to go and participate.  It was a lovely performance to happen upon.

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  1. Now that seems like something very unsusal. Not likely they'll show up in TO.


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