Monday, 19 December 2011

I've had my Christmas dinner!

My lovely daughter rang a few days ago and invited herself and my son-in-law up for a long weekend.  I'm so glad that she did:)

I hadn't been feeling particularly full of festive spirit, indeed, the Christmas shopping isn't done, but the cards are written and posted.

So, yesterday, I made some small veggie loafs with a central layer of cranberries for our Christmas dinner, along with jacket baked potatoes (I don't do roast potatoes), button sprouts and carrots.  They all ate small Yorkshire puddings, too, but since I've never really been a devotee of the things, despite coming from the right side of the Pennines, I didn't feel deprived!

We finished with mince pies and Christmas pudding with custard - we're not white sauce fans!

We all agreed that we felt much more Christmassy after that:)

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  1. It was lovely and festive :) Have you posted the cranberry loaf recipe anywhere? xxx


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