Thursday, 1 December 2011

Waiting never gets easier!

I've just returned home from my interview to be admitted on to the MPhil/PhD research programme at UCLAN.  

I feel like I've been put through an old fashioned mangle, and must now "wait and see".

All the positive thoughts you send in the direction of UCLAN will not be wasted - send away!!!!

Just as a by the by - bizarrely, despite having graduated from there 18 months ago, I was obliged to take in my physical copy of my BA degree certificate and my transcripts for them to photocopy; the admin office clearly doesn't appreciate that this is the C21 and that their own computers have all the documentation relating to my BA.  Not only that, but on the bottom of the documents it clearly states that on request, the university will verify my grades - all they had to do was ask themselves the question!

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