Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ebay cheek!

Mostly, Ebay deals work out fine.  Just occasionally they don't.

I took delivery of a batch of 6 LED lightbulbs, ready for my inspection pre solar panel installation.  5 of them were fine, the sixth had one of the prongs missing from the bayonet fixing, so it won't sit in the light fitting.

I wrote to the company concerned asking for a  replacement.  They asked for a photograph.  I complied.  The resultant communication from them was ridiculous, unprofessional and downright cheeky!

I was informed that they only sell batches of 4 and 10 bulbs.  Untrue as my order was for 6 bulbs.  Therefore if I wanted one replacement bulb it would need to be ordered from abroad and would take 25-30 days to arrive!!!!!  Clearly not an appropriate timescale for a replacement.

Finally they said "How about we send you a pack of four bulbs and you just pay for three?"  You see what I mean about lack of professionalism and sheer cheek.  I don't need any  more bulbs, and if I did, I wouldn't be buying from them after such an attitude to customer service.

Naturally, I refused, and requested an immediate replacement for an item they had supplied that was "not fit for purpose".  If they don't send a bulb this week I shall name and shame them.  Watch this space!

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