Saturday, 31 August 2013

Solar Panels - the adventure begins

Yesterday Stephen from Solar Warmth came to measure up my roof to give me a quotation for the installation of solar panels.

The back of my house faces South, the ideal direction for maximising input from the big golden globe in the sky. Consequently, I'd assumed that the sections of the house and garage roofs that face South would be the ones best suited to having the panels affixed.

Not so, in my case!  Stephen explained that because of the design of the roofline, the shadow caused by the house roof in the afternoon would fall on the garage roof, reducing the ability to gain maximum exposure.  Instead he suggested that I would generate more electricity by installing panels on the West facing house roof, which is not overshadowed.  Smart man, Stephen!

I was naturally guided by his expertise, and next Wednesday the team will come and fit ten solar panels to my roof.  I shall take photos and you can share the adventure with me.

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