Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Today I discovered a lovely site 'I am a Writer' at http://picturespoetryprose.blogspot.com/. Every day there is apparently a new photograph posted, to inspire visitors to write. It worked for me - a photo of a gnarled tree in the foreground, overlooking a valley in the autumn, inspired the first poem I've written for months - and I enjoyed it! I hasten to add, though, that it may not have much merit, that is for others to judge. I hope someone will enjoy it, I'm repeating it here:

Slanting sun, shapely shadows,
Ribs of the world, highlighted.
Slumbering hills, soothed by sunlight
Untroubled by this century’s wars.

Ancient body, gnarled and twisted,
Watching over his kingdom.
Eldritch Ent, will he awaken?
Is he needed yet?

Gold, umber, green, brown,
Autumn spreads her cloak.
Sheltering all who patiently wait
For Spring to stir them to life.

This begs the question, should I have opted out of poetry next year at uni? The problem is, there are too many interesting and enjoyable modules on offer, it's impossible to take them all. Since writing short stories is what I plan to do, I've opted for all prose modules. Now I'm wondering whether I should modify my plans. Time will tell!

I've just been looking at vegetarian cookery blogs, and am consequently feeling rather peckish. Still, looking at the clock, it is time for "elevenses", so I shall go and put the kettle on and have a green tea and a slice of fruit cake. Actually, I'll give you the recipe for the cake. It was my birthday the other day, and I made a couple of cakes; a chocolate one complete with chocolate frosting (ok, I know it's naughty, but it was my birthday!), and a more everyday fruit cake. It's got ingredients which, allegedly, help to ease those "tropical moments" that those of us of a certain age can be prone to. I do think they're easing nowadays, no, not due to this miraculous cake, I mean in general, which is good, because whilst it's handy if the central heating system is broken to be able to heat a whole room effortlessly, it's not pleasant :-(

Anyway, back to the cake, which is based on the "Feel Good Cake" from Vegetarian Cooking Without by Barbara Cousins ISBN 0722538979:

Boil 125g carrots until nearly soft. Cool, mash. Add:

270ml soya milk

125ml carnola oil (I've just discovered this oil, look at the lovely golden hue it gives!)

270g mixed flours - Iused barley, soya, channa, polenta

1tsp each ground cumin and coriander

60g pumplin seeds

30g sunflower seeds

285g mixed dried fruits - I used blackcurrants, raisins, currants, cranberries

Mix it all together and pour into greased, lined 20cm cake tin. Bake 170C 45 minutes, then turn down and bake a further 30 minutes at 145C, or until firm.

Leave to cool in tin for 5 mins before turning onto cooling tray.

The book says eat within 3 days or freeze.

It's a good, solid cake, with only the natural sweetness of the fruits. I had a slice for breakfast - which makes it good for a dieter, I suppose, the pleasure of eating cake, without the guilt cos it's good for you at the same time. Neat!! I'm a novice photographer, as you can see, but I hope it's good enough to give the impression.

Enjoy. Thanks for listening.


  1. So happy to have you join us at PP&P. Love your first offering. And yes a new picture every day so write all you want whenever you want and can and are inspired.

  2. Thank you, Laura Jayne. I hope you'll get some more followers one day via my blog!

  3. My photos have been featured there a couple of times, I think it's a great idea.

  4. Thanks, Rachel, I must get my trusty camera out and see if I can take an inspirational photo :-) of a higher quality than the ones on my blog, of course!


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