Saturday, 16 May 2009

One or two of the fiddly ropes!

Well, I finally managed to remove the gigantic photo which over-shadowed the whole site - that was definitely one of the fiddlier ropes, and inserted a more modestly sized version instead. Thanks to those who offered suggestions :-)

I've also managed to put a couple more photos in. It's amazing the sense of achievement I've got from these small successes. I just wish I could remember quickly how to do things!! Must practice more, and more, and more ...

Word soup tonight at a local hostelry to keep the creative juices flowing. One day I'll be brave enough to stand up and deliver one of my pieces, one day. For now, I'll just keep listening to others and scribbling, well, typing, away in private, sharing only with a few trusted friends.

Whilst mentioning hostelries, I'm going to advertise a wonderful stain remover which I discovered. Some red wine managed to spread itself across a pale pink shirt whilst I was out, and despite soaking in the bath overnight in cold water, it was still there the next morning. I'd bought something called Oxy Fresh 2 in 1 stain remover byXpel Marketing Ltd, WA8 0TH, just a few days before, and thought I might as well try it out. I squirted it on, two little jets of clear liquid, which generate some chemical reaction or other, and wow! the stain disappeared! Red wine! Gone! The shirt is as good as new. My reputation as a sober, upright person was doubtless shattered at the bar, but the shirt's ok.

Time to go plant some seeds. Bye for now.

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