Friday, 15 May 2009

Well, here goes ...


My name is Christine, and I'm an alcoholic, no, that's wrong, start again

Hi, my name is Christine, and I'm a new blogger. Yep, that's better.

I went along with a couple of friends to a blogger's evening at The New Continental, and was inspired to create a blog site. Thanks to those there for their precious words, and especially to Jane for sitting between us with her laptop and patiently showing us the ropes - the big, easy to hold ropes, that is. There are, apparently, several smaller, more fiddly ropes to handle later.

I'm going to fill in all the profile details, when I find out where they're hiding, but for now, I'll just give you a brief overview of who I am. You can yawn quietly and switch off whenever you've had enough, but, trust me, you'll be back another time, just wait and see.

OK..... I've just completed my second year as a UCLAN undergraduate, studying English Literature and Creative Writing, and am waiting, patiently, for the results to come through. I'm what's politely termed a "mature student", which is sooooo much better than being labelled an "elderly prima-gravida", which happened when I became pregnant at the age of 28 - elderly!!!!!! That baby is now 26 and happily married herself, and I still wouldn't appreciate being referred to as elderly!

I'm vegan, and have been for about 16 years, and vegetarian before that due to the refusal of said baby to eat lamb for dinner after we'd been out for a family walk, admiring the white, fluffy bounding beasts in the fields. My brother kindly came and emptied my freezer of gammon, lamb and other corpses for me. He still thinks I'm strange - but there's little chance of me having mad-cow disease, is there?

I love cooking, and have dozens of cookery books. I'm allergic to wheat, which is a real pain (literally and metaphorically) as I used to love baking bread, and it just doesn't taste the same without the wheat - the resultant loaves could, though, probably take on new lives as substitutes for bricks, I must be careful not to throw one at a window, I suspect the bread would win the contest.

I love to grow my own vegetables. David has built me
three raised beds in the back garden to grow them in, so that I don't have to keep bending too much. They haven't got anything in them except some Swiss Chard at the moment, but they will have, they will - and, if I'm lucky, there'll be enough for the slugs, snails and me.

I enjoy making greetings cards, my little bungalow complains sometimes that I try to cram too much inside it. I gave it a conservatory last autumn, just to keep it quiet for a while, but it's started moaning again, so the loft will have to be done next. The things we do for a quiet life! David is tiling the conservatory floor for me, as I speak.
I'll have a go at anything crafty, really. I used to knit, crochet and sew a lot, but haven't done much recently - too busy reading and writing essays.

That's enough of me, for now. I'm going to see if I can find my way round the site.
Thank you for visiting :-)


  1. Welcome to blogging :) I don't know what you mean about your picture being big, so maybe you've fixed it. I do know, however, that your blog is sending me emails - which is a bit odd!!

  2. oops, I've probably ticked a box somewhere - I hope they're interesting e-mails! I wonder if anyone else is receiving them!!! I'll try to find out what I did, and undo it - another of those fiddly little ropes somewhere!

  3. So interesting, I found you through One Minute Writer and then discovered you're following me. How cool!

    I've been thinking of abandoning wheat--no obvious digestive challenges. But really, do I need it? I guess bread is out if you haven't mastered it. I do not love cooking, but love others to cook for me.

  4. Hi Rachel, thanks for your comment.

    It is good to be cooked for, isn't it? Sadly it doesn't happen for me very often, so just as well I enjoy it:-)

    I have made wheat-free bread, and am ashamed to admit that a breadmaking machine did make lighter bread than I did with a food processor, but it still wasn't "light", no good for a sandwich as two slices would have been too filling!

    The worst thing is the smell of my partner's toast in the morning when he's here - oh how I loved toast, toasted crumpets, toasted muffins, toasted sandwiches, oh, goodness, and pizza! Never mind, I'm more or less used to it now, and I make great pancakes :-)


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