Sunday, 4 October 2009

bungalow loft converstion, clutter

When I bought my bungalow about four years ago, one of the first things I did was to hire an architect to draw up plans for a loft conversion to provide a master bedroom and en-suite in the spacious loft.

The plans were approved, and I paid for builder's instructions to be drawn up, too. Since then, the clutter has become a mountain, as you can see. This has been moved down into what was my bedroom, but will, henceforth, be know as the dining room. Minor clutter has been moved over the garage, where there is head height to stand, but it's not worth including the space in the conversion.

It's a good sized loft, and I've been looking forward to having the work done. Foolish girl!! The builder assured me that he would phone two weeks before he planned to arrived to commence the work, so that I would have time to clear my precious, and not so precious, belongings out of the way.

Sadly, this didn't happen, as you knew it wouldn't, didn't you? You were ahead of me! So, at lunchtime on Thursday I took the call that said 'We'll be there at eight in the morning to start the work, alright?'

'Well, not really, no, the loft is full of "stuff", you were supposed to give me a couple of weeks notice before you started.'

'That's not a problem, we'll help you shif the stuff.'

'Well, alright, then, if you don't mind helping to shift the clutter, yes, you can start. See you tomorrow.'

Oh boy!! What you've seen is just some of the clutter. I let my partner know they were arriving next day, and he very kindly drove over to help me to move and stack things up into the love pile you've seen. We were both exhausted.

However, by four o'clock Friday afternoon, I had a staircase into my loft space!!!! :-) Isn't it lovely? OK., there is a gaping two foot hole at the top where the landing will be, so it's a mite dangerous, but it's there! As I want the tread to be simply varnished, not carpeted, the builder has even gone to the trouble of laying a piece of hardboard over every one of them, and covering the whole lot with dust sheets. Impressive.

The dust sheets are not as pristine looking now as they were when I took the photos, though, believe me! Muddy boots leave a trail, and sawdust and loft insulation. Lovely.

I'll let you know how we progress :-)

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