Tuesday, 27 October 2009

loft conversion, shower room

It's really beginning to look like a shower room! Wow, how fantastic - I'm so glad I got builders in and didn't wait to do-it-ourselves!!

When I'd finished tiling the bathroom downstairs (it's a bungalow, remember, so there wasn't an upstairs until now, and it still feels strange to say upstairs and downstairs!!) I had three boxes of large, white bevelled edge wall tiles left over. I'd assumed that I'd be able to buy more when the time came to do the shower room. Wrong! They've been discontinued, bother!!

So, off we went for a trip round the local tile shops - and can't you spend a fortune??? I decided that I would remain cost conscious, and finally found some reasonably sized white tiles at £7.99 a box, and bought the 9 boxes the builder stipulated. My eye was caught by some mosaics. Oh dear, they did look sparkly and indulgent. They were. £14 a square foot. But I bought three of them, to inset a two-deep row around the room. It makes such a difference, don't you think?

I bought a three foot high mirror to be included in with the tiles, as it's something I've done before, and I think it's so much safer than a wall-hung mirror. There's no way it can be knocked down if it's grouted in place!! It looks lovely, as you can see.
The plumber is due in a couple of days - how can it be so exciting? I can hardly wait. Watch this space :-)


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