Saturday, 10 October 2009

loft conversion update

My calves keep going into cramp with the unaccustomed exercise of running up and down my lovely new stairs!!! Am I complaining? -Oh, no :) (Well, maybe a little, when it wakes me in the middle of the night, if I have to be completely honest!)

This, believe it or not, is the embrionic shower room :) Sadly, the shower tray I bought ages ago, in readiness for this very moment, is too large in proportion to the room and the other sanitary ware, so, more shopping is required. It's hard work, project managing :) fortunately, I bought the shower tray, a lovley, heavy stoneware one, with a shaped end, in a sale, so I'm hoping to sell it on Ebay, or at the local supermarket, and not take too great a loss on it!

Here you can see that floor-boarding has actually been partially laid - a real, solid surface, so that it is no longer necessary to ensure that our weight is over the joists, just to be on the safe side! A fine assortment of tools is also visible - a good indication that the workmen will return, and not disappear to another job:)

Sadly, the sky framed by the lovely largish Velux , is overcast, but I'm assured that sunshine will be equally visible, someday. The inner frame of the Velux has to be returned, as it's spoiled by what appears to be where a screw is forcing up the wood from below, which is uncceptable in an item that costs over £250.


  1. Christine--I wanted to congratulate you; I've just given you another One-Minute Writing of the Day award, for 9/29! I'm behind on naming winners and wanted to make sure you saw your win. Thanks again for all your wonderful responses. :)

    C. Beth (The One-Minute Writer)

  2. Oops-just realized your win is 9/28, not 9/29.

  3. Thank you, C. Beth, it was kind of you to let me know the brilliant news :-) I'm so glad your site is there to help inspire writers to write!


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