Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday shoot out, look up, look down

This innocent looking drain cover is the beast that caused me to slip in the garden, resulting in a broken wrist.  Feel free to throw rotten tomatoes and such like at it to your heart's content!! 
This one, however, which I am not afraid to set my boots on, is outside the driveway, and belongs to the telephone company, as it proudly boasts along the side opposite my boots :)

Looking across the park, I loved the delicate tracery of the tree branches against the, albeit gentle, sunset.


  1. Love your website. Your daughter sent me over. We'd love to feature you on our Sensational Woman Saturday.

  2. don't you want to put your blog url up on MrLinky so people will come by and say hello. I am sorry I just happened to see this now and I already did the spotlights for this week.
    maybe next - circles - Okay.


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