Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Friday shoot out, noise

A few days late, I know, but I know you'll forgive me, I'm still not 100% :(

So ... noise - in a photograph!  You know, one of those one dimensional things that just show a picture.  There's no sound facility on my photos, I'm still in the C21, not the C25!!!!!

Ok, my children, imagine yourself lazing in the sunshine in a typical English country garden, eyes closed.  You are deliciously warm, almost hot, but there's a gentle breeze wafting the scents of the flowers tantalisingly across your nostrils.  Can  you smell the lavender and roses mingling?  You can?  Brilliant.

You might, who knows, have a little something cool in a glass to hand ... a refreshing G & T, or a lightly chilled white wine, or lager, ice-cold from the fridge.

You're on the edge of drifing off into that pleasant state half awake, half asleep, when something impinges on your consciousness.  A sort of humming, buzzing that draws nearer.  You feel a gentle fanning on your face as the sound increases.  Your hand rises, of its own volition, and waves in front of you, the droning fades and you settle back down to doze.

The wasp flies off to investigate something, or someone else.  Or perhaps he returns to the nest, taking much needed material to enlarge it.

You see, I got there eventually:)  Noise, in my garden, in my town.

We took down a wasp's nest which was built last year, the top phots shows it in use.  I want to share with you the beauty of the delicate paper layers.  The subtle shades in undulating lines of soft colours. 

Can you imagine the buzzing as those workers strove to create this masterpiece of technical prowess?  Of course  you can, you've got imagination.  And the arguments over whose angles were neatest as they made the fantastic little hexagons?  Oh yes, I'm sure it was bedlam in there!

The photo with my little finger is just to give a senst of scale - I suppose I should tell you that I have quite small hands, that will help you to visualise it!

Oh well, that brief glimpse of summer is all you get, back to winter again and reality.  Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted:)

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