Sunday, 31 January 2010

winter sunshine walk, signs of Spring

Last night it snowed, so this morning was beautiful in a white sort of way.  I love the appearance of pristine snow just glistening and waiting for the first footprints, don't you?

The sky was that dirty white that promises there may be more snow to come, but by ten o'clock, there was a brighter white glow which indicated that the sun was burning its way through the cloud.

Sure enough, after lunch it was glorious., so I took the camera for a walk.  I thought I'd look for signs of Spring, and I'm pleased to say I found plenty.

New growths on bare twigs are promising to burst into leaf. 

The gorse bushes, above, are bearing cheerful yellow blooms.

There were a couple of different bulbs poking their tough shoots through the dead leaves which have been sheltering them all winter, and, of course, some of the perenniel weeds are stealing a march on all the more sensitive plants.  They are survivors for a reason, after all!

There are some dainty white florets on an evergreen shrub which I haven't identified - anybody know what it is?

I'm really pleased I went for my walk.  Fresh air, sunshine, and crisp white snow underfoot.  Lovely, but I was glad I was wearing gloves and a snug hat to keep my extremities warm!

I wish I could manipulate my photos easily, they seem to have a mind of their own:(

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  1. We had a tiny sprinkling of snow yesterday morning, but it was gone as soon as the snow came up. There's still a lot of ice around, though! xxx


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