Friday, 23 September 2011

Free Fireworks Display in Blackpool

I love fireworks.  I used to go around collecting up old rockets when I was a child, and people simply bought fireworks and let them off in their gardens, or around a large, communal bonfire.  

My mother would make Yorkshire Parkin, a delicious,  moist ginger cake, and toffee apples for Plot Night, which is what we, in Yorkshire, called November 5th.  Sometimes we got "plot toffee" too, very dark and rich, made with molasses, or black treacle.  I'll try and remember to post the recipes in November.

I remember wandering along one evening, collecting up used fireworks in one hand, and holding on to my toffee apple with the other.  I absent mindedly took a bite out of my toffee apple only to be horrified at the taste in my mouth - I'd forgotten that I'd swapped the hands I was using to hold my goodies, and taken a bite out of a spent rocket - yuck!  The point is, is didn't put me off fireworks:)

So, if you enjoy fireworks displays set to music, you might like to visit Blackpool on Friday nights, when the international fireworks competitions are taking place at 8.30.  The Illuminations are also currently on.  The event is free - and rain doesn't stop play.

See you there!

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