Saturday, 10 September 2011

My camera's "un-birthday" present

I don't know how old my camera is.  It's not very exciting or spectacular.  It doesn't make me a cup of tea if I whistle, for instance. Nor does it do the housework.  But it reliably takes photographs which suit me - they serve as an aid to memory, and that's what they're for.

I made a simple quilted cotton slip cover for it to protect it when it was new, nothing special, just simple protection.  But it was a bit of a nuisance taking it out and replacing it.

Whilst we were away last week, we popped into a camera shop to try to find a card adapter to save me having to connect cables between camera and laptop - my shiny new laptop has a little adaptor slot, which seems like such a good idea.

The camera shop didn't have what I was looking for, but I did spot this:

it doesn't look much, does it?  It's a camera protector made of neoprene like fabric, called "Always on", because you attach it to your camera by means of a small screw which fits in where a tripod would go, and this holds it in place so that it's always on your camera.  So, although not prone to impulse buying in general, I instantly splashed out £4.99 for an un-birthday present for my camera.

When you're ready to take a photo, you unfasten the hook and loop fastener, and it simply hangs down from your camera, you take your photo, and fold it back around again when you've finished.  Simple - and very effective.

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