Friday, 28 August 2009

old age, birthday party

My next door neighbour will be 98 in a few days, and her daughter is throwing a garden party for her at the weekend. My fingers are crossed for the sunshine to bless us with its presence, and not allow the heavy, fitful showers of today.

I've been cogitating - what on earth do you give as a gift to a wonderful lady of such an advanced age? She has everything she needs. Her sight is imperfect, so a book would be pointless, as would a picture. I suppose a fleece throw for round her knees in the winter is a possibility, a cheerful colour always helps when it's cold outside, doesn't it?

I gave her chocolates and flowers last year, so they're out of the equation. Unless I give her a plant - the carers could water it, and she could enjoy it, especially if it was scented. But I don't know if she has allergies.

I could give her bubbles for her daily bath - a splash of pleasure every day for a while. Or a small bottle of whisky to aid her sleep at night - I know she enjoys a small tipple every evening to help her to drift off.

A difficult decision. I rather think I'll bake her a cake. I know she likes chocolate - she usually has an open packet of chocolat coated fingers on her tray. To have something made espicially for one is a real treat, showing care and thought has gone into the gift, not simply grabbing something from a supermarket shelf.

I think she'd enjoy that - and at the end of the day, that's the reason for giving a gift - to give enjoyment.

Which reminds me, I must start to make her birthday card. More decisions to be made!!!

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