Wednesday, 12 August 2009

vegetable, runner beans,

The runner beans are running away with themselves now that they are well established. Some of them are aiming for the stratosphere, sending twisting tendrils way above the supporting arches, which are, themselves, tall enough to walk under!

I've taken three croppings so far of tender, succulent young beans. Som much better than buying them in the market or supermarkets, where the available beans have been grown for length and proclivity rather than flavour.

As so many plants this year survived to adulthood, I am able to pick them whilst they are relatively short in length, at about six or seven inches, before they have formed the stringy bit that would normally need to be peeled out.
All I need to do is wash them, boil for a few minutes, then serve with a drizzle of oil and a grinding of salt and pepper. Delicious :-)

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