Monday, 17 August 2009

vegetable update, runner beans, broad beans

A brief update on the runner beans, which are running away lengthwise! I've been cropping every other day, but now, I shall have to increase to picking them every day - no point in letting them grow long and stringy, is there?

You can see them, dangling down in varying lengths. So far, the slugs have largely left them alone, thank goodness. And isn't it lovely to see the beans alongside the flowers? Pods ready for picking, and beautiful flame orange flowers promising further beans to come. Bliss.

The broad beans are also flourishing. The pods are swelling, and the embrionic beans are beginning to show as slight bulges through the soft lining of the pods. When young, the pods are small and erect, as they grow, they remain erect, almost upright, sometimes. Finally, they become flacid at the junction with the body of the plant, and begin to droop. all their youthful vigour has gone. They are best picked just before this happens, whilst still firm and relatively upright.
How delicious they are, steamed or boiled for a very short time, and served either nude, or with just a grind of salt/pepper, and maube a drizzle of oil, though they really don't need it, they are so tasty just as they are. Many people eat them raw, but I'm not too keen.
It's all a matter of taste, and luckily, there's no-one to judge us on that, is there? Enjoy your food however you like it - cheers!

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