Monday, 31 August 2009

Raw food, take two!

What an idiot I was not to have included the recipe for the "cheese" - sorry, everyone!

I blended a third of a cup of sesame seeds, and two thirds of a cup of brazil nuts with 15ml extra virgin olive oil, the zested rind of an unwaxed lemon, and its juice - adding a small amount of water until a reached a thick consistency. I added a grinding of rock salt until it was to my taste. You can see tiny flecks of zest in the close up - artistically it would have looked better on a dark plate, but all mine are white!

I still remember the flavours of cheese made from animal milk from before I became vegetarian, let alone vegan, and I can't say that this is anything like any of the cheeses I remember from way back then.

However, it is tasty, spreads well on crackers, and is very easy to make. I use a Bamix rod mixer, but I'm sure my old food processor would have made just as good a job of it.

Next time I make it, I shall add a clove of garlic - I do love garlic - and some green herbs, in the hope that I shall obtain something akin to the Boursin that I used to know and love. There is a company out there which makes a cream cheese with garlic and herbs, but it is very, very creamy, which I don't always want. This has more texture, though I would imagine that blending it for longer would create a creamier mix.

Worth trying with any variations you enjoy, such as red pepper, chilli etc. The important thing is to have a go:)

Happy blending!

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