Sunday, 27 September 2009

boasting, my words were chosen

The Path
Photo by Jim Pankey "WildSpirit"
Jim's Photography can be found at Picasa and Fotothing
Suggested prompt...
Offer your creativity in any way you are inspired today by this delightful photograph.

I wrote the following simple words for this photo post:

We all follow a path. Old, young, rich, poor, black, white, whole or damaged.

Whichever path we take is the right path for us, there is no other.
Sometimes we walk in brightness and light and all goes well. Sometimes we walk in shadow, and things seem hard.

In the dark times remember the light, it's still there - we need light to cause shadows.

Walk onward to find the light ahead, draw strength from the light you left behind.
Whe your path runs in the light, store some up for the dark times you hit, then you'll never run out.
This path is your path, make it a good one :)

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