Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A TV-less life

Well, that's it. I finally did it! I phoned the TV licensing office and told them I would not be watching live TV after the end of August, when my TV license ran out.

I explained that I use my 32" tv as my pc monitor, so that would remain on the wall, as usual, but there would be no arial to receive live tv, but I would watch tv catch-up through my pc. The young man at the other end of the line said that would be fine, as long as I didn't watch live tv.

So, before I went to bed on the last day of August, I unplugged my two small tv sets completely, and removed the arial to the large one in the living room. It felt quite liberating; I wish I'd done it sooner.

Next morning, I have to admit, it felt a little strange not to go to freeview 36 to see what crafty stuff was on to watch whilst I had my breakfast, but only for a moment. I know I can log on to the crafting channel and watch any time I want to.

I've watched some catch-up tv, and since the 32" tv is my pc monitor, what I've watched has been virtually full size, and the quality is fine, so I don't regret the move at all. And I'm £12 a month better off, too, which is almost two trips to the cinema per month on a Wednesday using the Orange 2/4/1 for me and whoever I take with me :-)

TV - who needs it? Not me!

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