Monday, 14 September 2009

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Isn't red a beautiful colour? It warms the heart, and gladdens the soul. Today I'm going to share just a little of the glory of my garden at the moment.

The chard is positively glowing in the vegetable beds. Plumes of flame sprouting from the earth like mini volcanoes. The central stems can be cut from the leaf, and make a crisp vegetable, akin to celery. The crinkly, puckered leaves are soft, and similar to spinach, but with a stronger flavour. But the colour, the colour!!!

The reverse of the stems is that beautiful pinky red of the forced rhubarb stems that abound in early spring, so different from that of the inner rib that's visible.

The orangey red flowers of the runner beans are still framing the garden as they clamber over the arches. It's possible to see the long, broad runner beans (which are being left to provide seeds to sow next spring) dangling down from a couple of the plants. Once the decision has been made as to which plants to gather seed from, this plant will cease to produce new beans, believing it's job to be done. So only select one or two plants, or you'll lose production!

The Photinia Red Robin is confused, and sending up the deep, almost mahogany, new leaves it should be saving for next spring. I'm not complaing, though, as they are so beautiful, this photo doesn't really do it justice, but you get the idea.

The red Rowan berries are like clusters of small, round rubies. Allegedly this augures a harsh winter, so don't say you haven't been warned.

The autumnal tints are spreading on the Rose of Sharon leaves, and the berries are reddening on their way to being jet black.

The flat, multi-blossomed heads of the late summer flowering Sedum are just opening from within the palest green sepals. The contrast is spectacular - fresh green and rich reddy pink tones.
There's a lot to gladden the eye in the garden just now... I hope you've enjoyed seeing a glimpse.

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