Thursday, 10 September 2009

time flies, where did summer go?

Where did the summer go? When did it disappear? The sun is shining out there, and it's very pleasant (I know because I've just returned from walking to the supermarket), however, it's no longer summer. There's a crispness to the air, and that faint aroma that autumn brings with it.

I'm lucky, I actually think autumn is lovely. The glorious "goodbye" gradations of colours on the deciduous tree leaves, tumbling to the ground. Cheerful crimsons, outrageous oranges, yummy yellows, bronzy browns, claret, gold, amber, bronze - all that richness and opulence to take pleasure in.

A glorious free display which always cheers me and fills me with wonder at nature's majesty. I have a friend whose attitude is diametrically opposite to mine. She feels depressed as the leaves change, seeing only decay and death. I see the plants preparing themselves for sleep, ready to waken again in the Spring. Waving goodbye in their glad-rags before they slumber. A time for peaceful regeneration.

How do you feel about Autumn?

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