Sunday, 13 September 2009

free food update, potatoes

Yesterday I dug up some of my free potatoes, as you can see. It's such a pleasure to discover just what the harvest will be. Sometimes there are very few tubers, others there are loads. That's one of the good things, though, you just never know what's below the surface. It really is digging for buried treasure!

This time I was very pleased. There had been three plants appeared, quite close together, in this spot of the garden. Presumable tiny tubers left behind last time I dug some up, as I had not planted them myself.

You can see how beautiful they are. The colander shows the small ones, the larger ones are beside them. Some of them had been nibbled by slugs, but the majority are beautiful. Firm golden nuggets to enjoy, simply

boiled, along with some freshly picked runner beans and sliced carrots. I stirred in a tin of chickpeas, and made a lemon and garlic mustard dressing which I poured over whilst the vegetables were still hot. Yummy.

The dressing was juice and zest of two lemons, 1 good clove of garlic, 1 tablespoon of mild mustard, and about 100 mls of olive oil. Whizzed together and seasoned with a lilttle salt this makes a refreshing, tasty dressing for warm veg.

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