Thursday, 24 February 2011

How did you decide upon your child's names?

I've just read my daughter's blog on names and naming children.  She says she'd definitely check to see if the domain name was available for any child she might have, as she was disappointed not to be able to have the .com site for her maiden name.

Her father started me on the fun names for your child trail when he vetoed Vanessa as a name for a girl.  I couldn't understand why, it's a lovely name.  Until he told me to think of her initials.  Then I agreed with him, Vanessa Dugdale, mmmm, not so good.

That's when the fun began.  I became quite inventive.  I thought it would be quite nice if the initial letters spelt out a word, this would be quite unique.

So, if I had a boy I thought of David Alan Vincent Ian Dugdale - brilliant, David is a family name, and the initials spell out the first name.  A stroke of genius, I thought.   Graham Oliver Dugdale  seemed to have some power, too.

Barbara Anne Dugdale might have been a bit of a handful, not to mention reminding me of the old Barbara Anne song from way back.  We settled on Rachel Emma for a daughter, and so she was, my little RED girl.  Now she's REC, not quite the same, but I love her just as much.

How much thought did you give to naming your child?


  1. I've not had the pleasure of choosing a child's name, but I know there was a lot of negotiation involved in picking my name. Fortunately my parents didn't have to worry about domain names!

  2. so you're probably around the same age as my Rachel, or older, no such thing as a domain name in those days! Glad to hear there was a lot of discussion over your name though:)

  3. we always knew jackson was jackson. we didn't really consider other names. olivia's name was harder for some reason. we had a handful of names we were considering right up until the end. i like rachel -- it's one of those timeless names that always seems to be in style :)


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