Tuesday, 1 February 2011

We're back

We left the sun behind us in Malta yesterday, and flew home.  The pilot was so eager for us to enjoy the bracing British air that he landed ten minutes early - what a dear man!  The car sparkled gently in the lamplight.  Frost!!!  Such a rude reminder that we were back to winter weather.

Fortunately, it didn't take long to scrape the windows clear, and the roads were safe.  There was no sign of frost when we arrived home, my car didn't have a pretty, sparkly dress.

We've been away for three weeks.  I had packed for autumn-like weather, and didn't complain at all that we were obliged to buy a pair of shorts each to wear.  What a lovely surprise:-)  I had to buy sunglasses, too.

We experienced one day of on/off rain, with little let up in the cloud cover, and dramatic thunder and lightning at bedtime.  A couple of mornings were drizzly, but by mid-morning or lunchtime were sunny again.  Malta certainly provided us with welcome heat and sunshine in the midst of winter, recharging our batteries nicely.

Now, the first two loads of washing are blowing on the line, the sun is shining for us here, too, and in the conservatory, it is actually warm.  Maybe spring is just around the corner.  I hope.

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