Monday, 28 February 2011

Restoration project

I bought an Ercol sideboard on Ebay the other day.  I knew, from the photographs, that it needed a little TLC, and today was the day I embarked upon loving it.

The wood is a lovely warm tone, but, as you can see, it has water damage and a circular dark stain which will present me with a challenge.  But we all thrive on challenge, don't we?

So I got together my tools, well, not much, really, a can of Nitomors, some rubber gloves, an old washing up brush, an old plastic card and a tub to put the used gunk in.

I obeyed the instructions, and opened the windows for ventilation.  Then I dabbed on the Nitromors with the brush, waited 5 miutes, then applied more and worked it in.

After about 20 minutes, I took my plastic card and carefully scraped the now brown gunk away.

Pretty revolting, I think you'll agree!  But the sideboard top was looking paler, so I applied a second coat.
Then it was time to repeat the rubbing in and waiting.  After I stripped off the next layer, the result was far more dramatic!
I wiped it down carefully with white spirit, and stood back and felt as warm a glow as the sideboard was giving me.

This gives an indication of what it would look like if I varnished it now.  BUT, I need to try to erase the dark circular mark before I do that.  I shall try lemon juice, then perhaps hydrogen peroxide, rather than going in with domestic bleach.

Watch this space, I'll show you the results, good or bad!  If you've undertaken something like this, what did you use?

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