Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Smooth(ie) start to the day

I'm often asked what I eat for breakfast, and since it varies daily, it's difficult to be precise!  I thought I show you why.

Most mornings I make myself a fruit smoothie.  I vary the fruits according to what's in the fruit basket, and what takes my fancy each morning.  So there's no standard breakfast, really.

This morning, for example, I chose the following:

Mango, apples, satsumas, linseeds, brazil nuts and crystalised ginger.  I add soya milk or yogurt to make it as thick or thin as I want it to be, as well.

I take a pint glass and add the washed and/or peeled fruit in sizeable chunks.  I leave the nuts and crystalised ginger whole.

I then add some milk substitute and whizz with my Bamix.

The Bamix cuts through whole Brazil nuts and crystalised ginger without any problems, if you use a less powerful stick blender, you may need to chop them first.  Or use a food processor.  I'm lazy, and prefer to make my smoothie in the glass I'm going to eat it from to save washing up!!!

As you can see, it shrinks down somewhat after it's been blitzed, so if you were apalled at the thought of a pint glass, relax :)  Don't you just love those tiny flecks of colour from the apple skin, and the mango flesh and satsumas?

BTW some kind souls informed that I can't call my smoothies "fruit smoothies" because they don't contain banana.  Well, I'm allergic to bananas, so I don't eat them.  I believe that my concoctions are just as much a fruit smoothie as anyone else's - they're full of fruit, and whizzed until smooth.  Maybe I should call them smooth fruities, instead?  What do you think?


  1. Looks yummy! I do smoothies a lot too, but not usually for breakfast for some reason. I guess I like to chew something for breakfast.

  2. All those fresh fruits look fabulous! Smoothies are always so good! Thanks for stopping by my cheesecake bites post. Tomorrow I'm featuring lots of recipes. I'd love for you to stop by.

  3. themommybowl.com - I'm intrigued, when do you have your smoothies?


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