Sunday, 20 February 2011

Maye not the best time to meet an ex-boss's son!

So there I lay, on my tummy,  wearing a very fetching hospital gown opened at the back, pants rolled down to expose my spine and sacro iliac area, with the doctor's lovely hieroglyphics marked in felt tip so that he knew where to insert the needles.  The young lady radiographer took snaps when instructed, the male nurse at my head tried to keep my attention from the imminent "discomfort".

I was undergoing a nerve ablation in the sacro iliac to try to ease the years of pain I've struggled through.  A cortisone injection into the area last autumn was successful, so the ablation was the next step.

A slightly curved needle, about six inches long, rather like a mattress needle, absolutely not a small, discreet, dainty needle, is inserted along the bones, then microwave energy is fired down the needle to burn away the nerve endings.  Fortunately the lovely doctor did load me up with local anaesthetic first, so that, although I could feel the pushing and turning of the needle, which didn't want to sit in the correct area, it wasn't really painful most of the time.

The female radiographer was called away and a  young man replaced her.  I continued chatting to the nurse with his distraction questions, you know the sort of thing,
"What do you do for a living?"
"I'm a retired school bursar." 
"Where did you work?"
"A local junior school."
"What made you take early retirement?"
"I went to study for my BA."
"Oh, what subject did you take?"

The radiographer's voice cuts in:

"Which school did you work for?"
"I think you might have worked with my mummy, I thought I recognised your name."
Some quick thinking as to the names of older females I'd worked with.
"So, would that have been A or B, then?"
My first headmistress, a friend who retired a few years ago now.
"Goodness, how is she.  I haven't seen her for a couple of years ..."

It sort of reminds you of the old chestnut when you meet someone from the gym or swimming club when you're out in the street and one of you says "Oh, I didn't recognise you with your clothes on!"  only this was exactly the opposite, sadly for me!!!!!

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